Create a CoSpaces Edu Merge Cube Christmas Ornament!

Want to help your students add a little wow and pizazz to your Christmas tree this year?! Help them create a CoSpaces Edu Merge Cube Christmas Ornament!

Create a 3D Augmented Reality Christmas Ornament for your Christmas tree with the Merge Cube add-on for CoSpaces Edu! To create one, your students will need a CoSpaces Edu Pro account from the teacher and the printable template below! To view it on the Christmas tree your family and friends will just need to install the free CoSpaces Edu mobile app!

STEP 1 (Set up accounts)

If you’re new to CoSpaces Edu, you’ll need to sign up for a CoSpaces Edu account. You can sign up here: To create this project you and your students will need a Pro account. A CoSpaces Edu Pro account is a paid product (learn more here) but if you’d like to try it out for FREE sign up for a Basic account first and then use this special code: COSMICHAELFR . This code will get you 30 days of Pro for FREE for a teacher and 99 students AND it includes the Merge Cube add-on!

STEP 2 (Create the merge cube scene)

Have your students create a new space and choose “MERGE Cube space” to begin.

Before they begin creating their scene it’s IMPORTANT that they rotate the scene so that the front is facing this (see below) specific side of the cube (this is the side that is printed on the ornament template). The student should also choose “view inside” so they can create their scene on the inside of the cube.












When the students are finished creating their Christmas scene inside of the Merge Cube, have them change the Opacity setting to 0% (double click the cube > Material > Opacity). This will make the Merge Cube invisible when it is being viewed by family and friends while on the Christmas tree!

Here is a sample ornament that you can find in the CoSpaces Edu Gallery listed under Makerspaces & Art:

STEP 3 (Share the space & get the QR code)

When the students are finished creating their scene, they need to share their space and make it unlisted. This will allow their family and friends to scan their QR code and access their Merge Cube space while on the Christmas tree. Ask your students to follow the steps below to share their space and access their QR code.

1. Go to the Share button in the top right corner and choose the orange Share now button.

2. Choose the Share unlisted option. This will make the space publicly accessible to anyone that has the link or QR code only.

3. Have the students give their space a name and then choose the orange Share unlisted button at the bottom.

4. These next steps can only be done by the teacher and can be a bit tedious: As the teacher go to My Classes > choose the CoSpaces class > choose students. You will need to open each students ornament project, then choose the Share link button at the bottom of the next screen. This will reveal the QR code. You will need to screenshot the QR code in order to save it (you won’t be able to right click and save image as…).


STEP 5 (Create the printable ornament)

To create the printable ornament, use this Google Slides template. Replace the QR code on the right with the students own QR Code and edit the text to whatever you or your students want it to say (be sure to leave room for the hole at the top).

Get the Ornament Template

Once printed, cut it out, fold it in half, glue or tape the two sides together, punch a hole, and hang it on the Christmas tree! Invite friends and family to download the free CoSpaces Edu mobile app, use the built in QR code scanner to access and view the magical 3D Augmented Reality scene that your students created!


Here’s a video of the CoSpaces Edu Merge Cube Christmas Ornament in action!



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