A Christmas Themed Hour of Code CoSpaces Edu Challenge

It’s the first full week of December and that means it’s time for Computer Science Education Week (#CSEDWeek) and the Hour of Code! CoSpaces Edu is my favorite Augmented and Virtual Reality creation platform for my students! But did you also know that is has it’s own built-in programming tool called CoBlocks?

CoBlocks, by CoSpaces Edu, is a visual blocked based programming language similar to Scratch and it’s really easy to learn and use! If you’re participating in the Hour of Code, consider introducing your students to CoSpaces Edu and CoBlocks as a fun and engaging creation and programming tool!

I’ve created a Christmas themed CoSpaces Edu CoBlocks challenge that you can use with your students!

This Hour of Code: Christmas CodBlocks Challenge has three scenes, each with its own CoBlocks mission that requires the use of specific programming blocks to get the job done! You can remix this CoSpaces project from the Gallery if you are logged in to your CoSpaces Edu account (it’s located in the STEM & Coding category).

  • Challenge #1

    Program a path for Buddy the Elf to follow around the Christmas tree (all while Santa delivers the presents)!

  • Challenge #2

    First, use CoBlocks to program Santa to move from the fireplace to the Christmas tree when clicked. Then, use CoBlocks to make the presents appear after Santa moves.

  • Challenge #3

    Buddy the Elf wants to make a snowman! Use CoBlocks to make the snowballs stack on top of each other when each one is clicked. (Hurry because Santa needs to get to the next house!)

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